Lucky Pool

Get started on Arbitrum

Detailed guide to using the Lucky Pool

How do I buy tickets on LuckyPool Arbitrum Testnet?

1.Connect to your metamask wallet and switch to the Arbitrum Goerli testnet.
Switch to Arbitrum Goerli testnet
2.Go to the LuckyPool Prize Pool . The lucky pools open randomly every day.
Prize Pool
3.Prepare enough test network AGOR ETH to cover the cost of the ticket and the network Gas Fee.
How to get Goerli ETH on Arbitrum Goerli? Use Arbitrum Bridge here.
Goerli ETH Bridge to Arbitrum Goerli
4.Complete your ticket purchase by paying the AGOR ETH on Arbitrum Goerli. Each user can purchase more than one ticket.
Buy Lottery Tickets
5.Wait for the countdown to end and the smart contract to automatically complete the lottery draw.
End of countdown
6.If you are the winner, you can withdraw your winnings at any time. The prize is securely locked in the smart contract, waiting for the winner to withdraw it.
Withdraw Winnings