Lucky Pool

Token Economics

$Lucky is the governance token for the LuckyPool Protocol, LuckyPool is a decentralized lottery protocol built on the Arbitrum network that allows users to buy a lottery. Lucky Pool is transparent and automated, meaning that all transactions and results are publicly viewable and the lottery can run without any human intervention.
Token Distribution
Name: Lucky Token
Token: $Lucky
Chain: Arbitrum
Max supply: 200,000,000 $Lucky
Contract: TBD

Minted Schedule

  • Public Sale: 10% immediately unlocked, no lock-up
  • Core Contributors: 15%, with a 48-month vesting
  • Community Airdrop: 2%, with a 48-month vesting
  • Treasury: 40%, with a 48-month vesting
  • Marketing: 10%, with a 48-month vesting
  • Eco Incentives: 23%, with a 48-month vesting

$Lucky Release Schedule

$Lucky Release Schedule